June 2014

Rx retail programs

Prescription expenses continue to be one of the biggest contributors to rising health insurance premiums. In an effort to control your costs, we want to provide you with links and information to some of […]

IDOI changes professional liability regulations

The Indiana Dept. of Insurance is making changes to the PCF charges effective May 17, but is giving carriers a ‘grace period’ so they can update their systems to re-rate and implement the new […]

Primary changes for Dentists

Dental Oral Surgeons: instead of having a surcharge of 110% of premium, the PCF surcharge is now 135% of a Class 1 Physician rate ($2,648). The new flat-rate surcharge for Oral Surgeons is $3,442.40. General […]

New update to the IDOI’s rule 21 changes:

per an email from the IDOI’s Legal Counsel 5/26/2011
“Per our discussion earlier today, I wanted to confirm that the new changes to IDOI Rule 21 do not require a health care
provider to incorporate to […]

What’s New in Insurance? Everything!

Nothing stays the same, right? Our kids get older, we get wiser, and eventually we hope to retire. For those of you reading
this in your 20′s, that seems like an eternity – but we […]