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The first product and service ever offered by IDA Insurance was an Association Group Health Plan. More than 40 years later, this unique health insurance solution is still available to IDA Member Dentists, their families, and staff. More than 3,300 lives are insured by this employer sponsored health plan with medical benefits offered through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Prescription benefits with EpiphanyRx.

The employer sponsored health plan offers three traditional PPO deductibles/plans to choose from, plus two HSA option. The uniqueness of our benefits and premiums, matched with your ability to choose the plan that best meets your needs is the ultimate win-win. If you are a dentist and not insured through this Association Group Health Plan, you owe it to yourself to find out how simple it is to apply, and begin saving money. And if you are an employee of a dental practice that does not offer the Group benefits to you, you must call today. Ask how easy it is to form a group; the entire office will thank you.

Retail Rx Programs
The IDA Insurance Trust is happy to welcome EpiphanyRx to our team of benefit providers.  To find out more information about your Rx benefits visit or

HSA (Health Savings Account)/HDHP (High Deductible Health Plans)

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) continue to be a great solution for your health insurance. It allows you to pair a high-deductible health plan with a savings account. The two combined can save you both in premium and annual federal taxes. No website has better information than the US Treasury Department. To link directly to the HSA section visit:

Golden Rule/UnitedHealthCare has established an HSA education only website that is also rich in content. Here you will find videos discussing HSA’s and even HSA calculators to help determine the possible tax benefits and long-term savings. If interested, visit

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) were formed in 2003 when Congress passed into law the Medicare Modernization Act. As stated on the US Department of Treasury website, “HSAs are designed to help individuals save for future qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-free basis.”

HSAs are truly a two-part process. First, you must select a health insurance plan that meets the government standards as a qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP). IDA Insurance specializes in utilizing the various insurance options to select the best deductible and premium for you. Once the health plan is secured, you then must select an approved financial institution or administrator that you deposit funds to and draw against for qualified medical expenses. IDA Insurance’s recommendation is to utilize the services of a local bank or credit union, someone who knows your money and a location that gives you ease of access.

The complexity, and advantages, of HSAs is unlike any other health insurance policy. Avoid the confusion and frustration, and contact IDA Insurance today.

Professional Liability

Every licensed dentist in the state of Indiana must have a Professional Liability (Malpractice) policy. Therefore, why not insure yourself with the company that stands above the rest?  IDA Insurance Services is your one-stop-shop for all of your liability needs.  With multiple carriers to choose from, your IDAIS Team will assist you in choosing the right company that fits your personal needs.

Truth be told, this policy is nothing more than a formality, until the day you need it most. Claims, whether frivolous or legitimate, are on the rise. IDA Insurance team members have spoken with your dentists colleagues who have been the subject of a frivolous claim. Some of these cases have lasted five years. Having a claim brought against you often has little to do with your competency and skill as a dentist. Your exposure to a frivolous, or legitimate, claim is as great as the number of patients you see each year. With the potential of your career and reputation on the line, trust your team to help you choose the right policy and company for you.

Office Liability (BOP)

IDA Insurance knows a thing or two about your office.

One, your office is a busy place.

Two, your office has been the subject of substantial financial commitments.

Three, your office is likely your greatest asset, and liability.

You can’t afford to be under-insured. Allow IDA Insurance to review your current policy and determine if broader coverage or better premiums are available to you. IDA Insurance is proud to partner with many companies to offer the most comprehensive office coverage specifically built for Indiana dentists, not to mention generous IDA-negotiated discounts. Take advantage today by contacting your licensed team at  IDA Insurance.

Worker’s Comp

Just as Professional and Office liability are a must-have, Worker’s Comp falls into the same category. This coverage is for one of your most important assets – your employees. In the event you encounter a claim, you have just one number, and one trusted contact to call – IDA Insurance.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The transition to Medicare requires timely guidance, thoughtful evaluation of your needs, and a trusted insurance agent. As you approach age 65, the direct mail solicitations seemingly pour from your mailbox daily. These annoying sales pitches can simply be tossed in the trash. Allow IDA Insurance to guide you through the process of securing your Medicare card number and Part A and B coverage. Once you have Part A and B approved, we will inform you of your Supplement options and filter out the most comprehensive, yet affordable, Supplement policies.
At IDA Insurance, we recommend you have a Medicare Supplement effective for the first of the month in which you turn age 65. If you or a loved one is nearing age 65, please call IDA Insurance for a free packet of information.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D plans have not been available very long. Medicare Part D is your prescription drug benefit and is a separate policy from your Medicare Supplement policy. Medicare Part D is not offered through the government, but rather private insurance companies. The federal government regulates a standard or minimum benefit that the private insurers must offer, but that’s where the simplicity ends. IDA Insurance will help you choose the right plan for you. Call us today.

What is long term care (LTC)?

Long-Term Care Insurance provides funds to help you cover long-term care costs in the same manner Health Insurance provides financial coverage for doctor’s visits and hospital bills. However, it is very important to understand that Long-Term Care Insurance and Health Insurance are two distinctly different types of insurance. Health Insurance would likely provide coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, and maybe even some prescription medicines. But if the individual’s condition progresses to the point where he or she requires long-term care or constant supervision, Health Insurance would likely not provide coverage for that supervision.

Health insurance was not designed to cover the long-term care expenses for those who may have suffered permanent paralysis from an accident or stroke, developed Alzheimer’s, or perhaps need care as a natural result of aging.

This is where Long-Term Care Insurance comes in. Long-Term Care Insurance has been designed to pick up and provide coverage where Health Insurance leaves off. So in the case where the individual’s condition has progressed to the point where he or she requires constant supervision or assistance carrying out basic activities of daily living (like bathing, eating, toileting, dressing and moving about), Long-Term Care Insurance would provide funds to help cover the insured’s long-term care expenses.

Those who have purchased Long-Term Care Insurance share that it has also helped them maintain their independence and freedom of choice over how and where their care services are provided. Long-Term Care Insurance can allow you to protect your assets and help ensure that your long-term care needs will not create a physical or financial burden on your family.

How are long term care services provided?

To understand how long-term care services are provided, it is first important to understand the overall concept of Long-Term Care. Many people think of Long-Term Care only in terms of being confined in a nursing home due to a complete incapacity. And while Long-Term Care does include and provide for this possibility, the complete picture is that Long-Term Care encompasses a variety of services which are generally divided into four categories:

1. Home Health Care
2. Community Care
3. Assisted Living Facilities
4. Nursing Homes

Why Choose Us

  • IDA Insurance is the for profit subsidiary of the Indiana Dental Association.
  • The money made from the products we sell are put back into the Dental Association as non-dues revenue and used for local component societies to sponsor events.
  • The products that we sell are geared towards the dental community and our main goal is to give exceptional service for our IDA Member Dentists.

What Members Say

When I called IDA Insurance, I immediately recognized them to be understanding, helpful and exremely knowlegeable. I spoke with Jonathan nearly every day for three months and he was always available and followed through on every task. He became as much a friend and hand holder as he was a technical adviser. He was most helpful during the most frustrating of times.
Dr. Michael Olivotto, Valpraiso 26 Year IDA Member
Thank you again for all of your personalized help. It is so nice to actually talk to a person who wants to help others.
Amanda Stoner, Indianapolis Assistant
Thank you so much for all of your help. We appreciate all of your efforts and honesty with us. Your knowledge and helpfulness was exceptional.
Dr. James Nicholson and Tammy O'Brien Zionsville and Lebanon