Dental Oral Surgeons: instead of having a surcharge of 110% of premium, the PCF surcharge is now 135% of a Class 1 Physician rate ($2,648). The new flat-rate surcharge for Oral Surgeons is $3,442.40.¬†General Dentists (all dental classes except Oral Surgeons): instead of paying a surcharge of 110% of their premium, it is now 20% of a Class 1 Physician ($2,648) so the new flat-rate surcharge for General Dentists is $529.60.¬†Dental Assistants & Dental Hygienists who were automatically covered under the dentist’s policy are no longer automatically
covered. The Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship must be “organized and registered under State Law” and that entity must purchase separate limits of liability. It would be this second policy that insures the Ancillary Providers.