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Why Choose Us

  • IDA Insurance is the for profit subsidiary of the Indiana Dental Association.
  • The commissions made from the products we sell are put back into the Dental Association as non-dues revenue and used for local component societies to sponsor events for dentists around the state.
  • The products that we sell are geared towards the dental community and our main goal is to give exceptional service for our IDA Member Dentists.

What Members Say

When I called IDA Insurance, I immediately recognized them to be understanding, helpful and exremely knowlegeable. I spoke with Jonathan nearly every day for three months and he was always available and followed through on every task. He became as much a friend and hand holder as he was a technical adviser. He was most helpful during the most frustrating of times.
Dr. Michael Olivotto, Valpraiso 26 Year IDA Member
Thank you again for all of your personalized help. It is so nice to actually talk to a person who wants to help others.
Amanda Stoner, Indianapolis Assistant
Thank you so much for all of your help. We appreciate all of your efforts and honesty with us. Your knowledge and helpfulness was exceptional.
Dr. James Nicholson and Tammy O'Brien Zionsville and Lebanon