FAQ Page

Who does the IDAIS Staff work for?

Many people ask the IDA Insurance team if we work for Anthem or UnitedHealth, or perhaps ProAssurance or even Practice Protection. Or some people think we work for an online insurance broker or local agency. Truth is, we are employees of the Indiana Dental Association. Therefore, our total purpose is to provide sound advice, professional guidance, and be a member benefit. Sure we sell policies, but serving you as a loyal Member Dentist of the IDA comes first.

Is my dental team eligible for health insurance?

Of course!  The IDA Insurance Trust is our primary member benefit for all of our members.  This self-funded health insurance program helps us insure you, as the doctor and helps you support your staff by offering them coverage as well.  Interested in starting an employer sponsored plan for your staff?  Contact TrustQuestions@INDental.org for more information.

What happens when my spouse or I turn 65?

For 95% of our aging members, when you become Medicare eligible (which is the 1st of the month in which you turn 65) you have a too many options.  The IDA Insurance Trust has evolved in a manner to help you transition on towards Medicare while providing coverage for your spouse or children.  Does that leave you fishing through Medicare advertisements and feeling overwhelmed?  You’re in luck, IDAIS has a solution for this!  Wanda Barger specializes in Medicare transitions.  Reach out to her to discuss your options.   Regardless of age, we exist to serve you.

e-mail:  Wanda@INDental.org

toll-free:  800/417-6424

What does “endorsed provider” mean?

An endorsed product/provider must meet four specific criteria.  We adopted our criteria from the ADA which states, “an endorsed provider must be an Industry Leader (fiscally sound and competitive in the marketplace), Hold a Higher Service Standard, Be Peer Reviewed, and Support the Mission Statement of the Association.

What Insurance products and services does IDA Insurance provide?

IDA Insurance Services is a fully functioning agency for our loyal IDA Member Dentists.  Our bread and butter is the employer sponsored group health insurance that the IDA Insurance Trust provides, but we are happy to help you with ANY policy you may need.  Just want to browse to make sure you have the best rate possible?  Feel free to reach out to one of our licensed team members for an insurance review.  The IDAIS Team knows how most dental practices work- and they will work to save you time and money.  If we aren’t able to give you the BEST option to fit your needs, we will happy refer you to someone who can.  Continue browsing our website and you will find the many ways we can serve you or contact your IDA Insurance Team to see how we can help you.