FAQ Page

Who do you work for?

Many people ask the IDA Insurance team if we work for Anthem or UnitedHealth, or perhaps ProAssurance. Or some people think we work for an online insurance broker or local agency. Truth is, we are all employees of the Indiana Dental Association. Therefore, our total purpose is to provide sound advice, professional guidance, and be a member benefit. Sure we sell policies, but serving you comes first.

What is better? Group or Individual health insurance?

It depends. The better option can depend upon a variety or factors, including past and present health condition, the number of persons to be insured on the policy, and most importantly the deductible, plan benefits, and premium that best meet your needs. There is never a cookie-cutter answer for this question; please call today for your personal evaluation.

Is my dental team eligible for health insurance?

Of course.  One of the best ways to serve the member dentist is to serve their employees.  Maybe you are the employee, and the answer is yes we can find a health insurance policy for you.  Today, we insure more than 1000 dentists and more than 1200 dental team members.

What happens when my spouse or I turn 65?

For 95% of seniors, when you become Medicare eligible (which is the 1st of the month in which you turn 65) you will no longer be eligible for your current under 65 health insurance plan – even if you are on the IDA Group plan.  Therefore, our Insurance team annually attends conferences and CE courses to keep up with Medicare and be able to advise you on your options.  Regardless of age, we exist to serve you.

What does “endorsed provider” mean?

An endorsed product/provider must meet four specific criteria.  We adopted our criteria from the ADA which states, “an endorsed provider must be an Industry Leader (fiscally sound and competitive in the marketplace), Hold a Higher Service Standard, Be Peer Reviewed, and Support the Mission Statement of the Association.

What Insurance products and services does IDA Insurance provide?

Thank you for asking this question.  Continue browsing our website and you will find the many ways we can serve you…!